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About Us

accelerating social impact


Turner|Strategies is a consulting group solely dedicated to accelerating social impact. 


We are change-makers, thought leaders, and social entrepreneurs. We live and breathe social impact, and re-invest time, profits, and passion back into the community. 

We work to accelerate large-scale social change through community engagement, data analysis and visualization, best practice research and evaluation. We provide change-makers with technical and strategic support to meaningfully and measurably accelerate social impact initiatives.

Turner|Strategies is led by Dr. Alina Turner, who founded the firm in 2012; since then, she has completed over 40 projects across diverse social issues and organizations. Dr. Turner leads all aspects of the work, curating teams of experts to meet the needs of each project.  The aim is to provide the highest quality of work, best possible value and impact. 


We work with like-minded non-profits, government, and private sector partners committed to making the world a better place. Our projects are diverse, but focused on resolving complex social issues like poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and food and energy insecurity.

We provide top-tier expertise in:

  • strategic planning
  • research and analytics
  • system and program development and evaluation
  • information management systems
  • organizational design and operations


To contribute back to community, we also provide pro-bono consulting to non-profits and social enterprises to kick-start and accelerate efforts towards the vision of a better tomorrow. We hold no intellectual property restrictions to our work, making if free for everyone to use, adapt and improve upon. We add value to the knowledge base by disseminating our work widely in reports, webinars, blogs, presentations, social and mainstream media. 

    Dr. Alina Turner, Principal, Turner Strategies

    Dr. Alina Turner, Principal, Turner Strategies