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While it’s hard to pick from a list of over 40 projects completed, we’re highlighting some examples of our work to give you a better sense of our approach and diversity of projects.  We developed these resources in various areas of work hope they may be useful for your projects and initiatives. 

We we hold no intellectual property rights to our work, making it open-source for everyone to use, adapt and improve upon; we do however hope that you reference us if you do use these resources. 

Yellowknife's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness - Summary Report

Yellowknife's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness - Summary Report

Everyone is Home: Yellowknife's Plan to End Homelessness

Yellowknife's Plan to End Homelessness was unanimously endorsed June 2017 by City Council, bringing a focus on Indigenous wellness and healing to the forefront of the community's efforts. The Plan is part of Yellowknife's Reconciliation journey, recognizing the homelessness in this Northern community is a colonial legacy. Read this summary document outlining the key directions set forward, strategies and investment approach. 


Strategy to End Poverty

Medicine Hat has set the goal of ending poverty and enhancing wellbeing by 2030, in alignment with the United Nations. This bold plan was built from the ground up based on the input of 500 residents and grounded in best practices. It provides the community with a path forward to impact the interrelated issues of housing, income, food security, safety, health and wellness, education, transportation, and healthy families. 


System Coordination Framework

St. John's System Coordination Framework

This document was developed as result of our work with End Homelessness St. John's and the City of St. John's where we developed as System of Care Map, as well as strategy to coordinate homeless serving agencies using Coordinated Access and Assessment. You will find useful tools here that you can apply in your own community and use this document as a guide if you are developing your own Framework.  

Medicine Hat Plan to End Homelessness

Medicine Hat Plan to End Homelessness

Medicine Hat Plan to End Homelessness

Medicine Hat is known as the first city to eliminate chronic homelessness. Our work with the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society focused on evaluating their strategic approach, engaging diverse stakeholders in re-visioning the Plan and proposing a new way forward. The Plan outlines targets, performance metrics as well specific actions and resources needed to end homelessness.  This Plan is considered a model for other communities, not simply because of its promised, but because of Medicine Hatters' ability to deliver on it.   

Housing First Evaluation

Haven's Way Evaluation

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of three federally and provincially-funded programs for youth, this document highlight the findings from a Foyer project in Calgary - Haven's Way - operated by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. The evaluation framework used can be applied to other program models as can the multi-methods approach that included youth, staff and external stakeholder perspectives, quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as site visits and document reviews.  

Essentials of SYstem Planning

System Planning Essential Elements

This policy paper was developed for The School of Public Policy to provide communities, researchers and policy makers with an overview of system planning work and its essential elements. This paper is a great overview of system planning, and while initially developed with ending homelessness in mind, it has since been applied to areas including poverty and domestic violence. 

Guide to Housing First Performance Management

PERFORMANCE Management Guide

In response to the Homelessness Partnering Strategy's request, the following comprehensive guide to performance management in a Housing First context was developed. It is targeted towards funders, however, paints a fulsome picture of how system planning, service quality, funding allocation, and strategic planning can work to advance the goals of ending homelessness across stakeholders. 

Planning Guide to End Youth Homelessness

This community planning toolkit was developed for A Way Home Canada to support their work in ending youth homelessness. The document provides a detailed look at what it takes to develop a local strategy to address this complex social issue. The guide outlines engagement strategies, government relations, budgeting, best practice analysis and community readiness with a Community Impact lens.  

Community Planning Guide to End Youth Homelessness